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May 28, 2014


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And I'm from Jersey -- I know how shitty it can be (but, seriously, it's Jersey . . . there had to be some kind of half-decent diner close by, though I certainly understand the appeal of crappy karaoke Applebee's if it's near the hotel).

About toddlers, I don't remember the last time mine even started to start to go down for bed at 7:30 . . . last night, I think it was 10:30 or so. Maybe I'm a shittier parent than I think I am.

And, while this may be easy for me to say because, well, any conversation about s-e-x would go right over my kids' heads, I absolutely hope they know their bodies well enough to enjoy themselves. Though I don't know if I'd want to know about any details, I'd want them to know there's nothing, at all, wrong with the act.

Lastly? Holy shit, I've missed your blogging voice.


I can always expect a great laugh from you! So good to read you again!

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