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September 20, 2013


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Hahaha! That's hilarious!

The Borg Blog

Welcome back - you've been missed!


She lives and breathes! Glad you are still amongst us.


Welcome back!


You should buy a tutu and leave it on the bed one morning.

Dave Gibson

Indeed you were missed. Welcome back!

For what it's worth, my wife has those dreams a lot and wakes up pissed at me. Most recently, it was because I left her in a lollipop shop. I still don't know what that means. Maybe she can explain it when she decides to talk to me again.


Miss your face & errr, voice on the internet.




Welcome back!

I don't often have "fights with my wife" dreams, but I recently had something worse. In my dream, I was the same age I am now but wasn't married and had no kids. I was talking to my friend about how depressed I was that I had nobody. As I woke up, the feeling subsided as I realized that my wife was sleeping a few inches away and my boys were in the other room. It was like my subconscious was reminding me how lucky I am.


What a treat! I return from the south of France...and Kit is back! I think my wife is the same as you...no wonder I never know what I did!:-) So glad you are back and that life is normal!

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