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May 22, 2013


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OMG. That is horrifyingly ironic!!!

The Borg Blog

Oh wow! That is awful. You don't expect a sweet story about a six year old walking a dog to end quite so tragically. :(


Sorry about his cat, but yes, my stupid neighbor's cat comes in my yard, poops in my garden and chases away the birds I'm trying to feed. Keep your cat inside.


Oh god I'm a bad person but that made me giggle - only at the irony of course and not the ill-fated feline...
Don't get me wrong, I love cats but when we moved out bush we decided to keep our 2 cats inside for fear of snake bites - the cats had been outdoors all their lives and so in retaliation to us trying to keep them safe they started wee-ing in the house instead of their fancy pants cat litter tray, in particular they have a penchant for the carpet in the kids play room, and no amount of horribly expensive specially formulated chemical has been able to remove the smell or deter them from their wicked ways.
Now I think I may have become a dog person....


I do not let my kitty go outside. She is deathly afraid of outside and claws you if you try to carry her near or out any doors. Sucks about his cat but crazy you were just talking about it.


That's amazing.

Sandra Sallin

Well,wait a second. My neighbor always let her cat go outside. The cat took care of the mice and rats. Isn't that what cats are supposed to do? Isn't that why they get caught up in trees and firemen have to be called to get them down? I don't have a cat but I thought they lived inside and out. Really who else eats the rats in the ivy. I say you have no reason to feel guilty. There. You are absolved.

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