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April 29, 2013


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The body part. My lower ab apron, courtesy of 3 pregnancies and 3 (unrelated) abdominal surgeries.


Muffin top. Yes, unfortunately, I love muffins


I'll take one of each please! BTW, you're a genius. ;-)


I'm actually doing ok in the body department these days, so I'll take the money scanner :-)


Knowing me, I'd zap my tummy flab back into chocolate bars... and then eat the chocolate bars again.

Wait a second... Infinite Chocolate!

Make this app now!!! ;-)

Magnolia Ripkin

I would use that bad boy on my ass and turn it back into so many cadbury mini eggs I could fill my garage with them. And then I would live in my garage, until it was empty again.
I love your scanner... I must have it.

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