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April 24, 2013


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Technology is a wondrous thing...car trips have become multimedia entertainment extravaganzas since my day, which was all of about 10 years ago. I was told to count cars with headlights out. Like what is this, the 50s?! As far as kids today are concerned, yes. Yes it was.


Glad you could laugh about it. Towards the end of the trip you might not have been so amused. (did he get sick?)


I'm looking at a 10-hour x 2 ride in just over a month, and I'm already cringing. Though my kids are still young enough that they may sleep through a fair bit of it.

And I think the DVD industry will always be around, if only because they're SO MUCH EASIER to work with in a moving car.


How does it take 16 hours to drive from Boston to North Carolina? We can drive there from Toronto in 14 hours. Anyway great post - great to see you back.

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