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April 30, 2013


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Lady Estrogen

Love it.

I don't get it either. The more I moan, the hard he rubs me to the point where I obviously stop moaning & start preparing for the forest fire he's apparently trying to manually start down there . . . without a flint.


Second that Motion

I am paralyzed by this fear. Happens every time. Never say just like that, it's code for "oh if you like that, you will like this better." Um. No. I like that.


"Just like that" = "Just the opposite of that"


I lament the fact the fact that I just started reading your blogs! Now I have to catch up and it's going to take forever!

Molley Mills

That's hilarious! Men just have no idea. Although laughter during sex makes it so much fun.


Glad you are considered professionals, amateurs shouldn't attempt things like that.


Mine does that too! What IS that?? Now I tell him afterward - thought it usually makes things, ahh, REprogress.

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