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April 01, 2013


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You are a very STRANGE person, Kit!


Oh, that's a great April-fools. I had an ex-girlfriend who sent out an email, as she was a first year student in an all-girl's college that she had been living a lie - that she wasn't a girl at all, but was, in fact, a gay man. The number of people who took her seriously was...disturbing.

I'll never understand the people who go all-out for Easter presents. Heck, I barely survive the Christmas stresses as it is.


Maybe next year just a rabbit skeleton, with ears and fuzzy tail.

Amy @mommetime

that is awesome!

Shan @ Skewed Design Studios

You're brilliant.

PS: I have never given my daughter an Easter basket filled with toys and candy. She's lucky she gets an egg hunt. LOL

Magnolia Ripkin

This year I was too hung over to hide the goodies, so I made Mr. Bunny do it. He never thought to hide the chocolates out of the reach of our dog. Tears all around. Friggin' amateur.

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