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March 01, 2013


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Yes, school, itself, is stressful enough -- but that seems to be regular old "be a kid" stress. That said, I get the idea that you as a teacher would be equally "stressful," if not more so, than whatever your son deals with, currently.

Ultimately, the kid just doesn't want to go to school -- not that I blame him :-)


Poor guy! I used to get physically sick every morning before school. I homeschool our kids {and we're - by standards not our own - "poor", and can't afford a school room or trips}, but I know that not everyone feels ready/able to tackle it. It's taken me 5 years to find our groove {unschooling}, and now it's mostly smooth sailing. You didn't ask, but I wanted to share! :)
I hope that your son finds peace with learning.




Way to have a kid that says things like, "I keep forgetting the book at school, it's due Friday and I haven't even started."

My roomie's a teacher. Guess how many of HIS kids worry about that.

I'll give you a hint -- the digit is shaped like a goose egg.


My 14yo nephew just came to live with us this because. He has missed over half the days of school this year and has a 1% grade average in most of his classes. One percent! I don't even know how that's possible. He is so stressed by family stuff he has migraines and vomits all day long 3-4 days out of the week. Your kids are lucky!


My daughter used to ask me to be homeschooled as well. (Citing the same sort of reasons). Then one day, I realized that in her small private school; she was bored with the kids. She need more social outlets; and she was not accepted in the "in" crowd. With only 12 kids in the class, if you were not in, you were alone. She is now in a public school with 700 kids and is THRIVING... dig deeper into your son's request for homeschool.

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