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February 26, 2013


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One Funny Motha

I often have this dilemma.


I'm like you - if I'm planning on working out, I don't shower, and the lack of a shower is a great incentive to work out (at least, it is for me, any time I move my arms, I get a reminder).

I've been getting more creative about how I'm working out. Over lunches still happens, and 4 in the morning still happens. Tonight, I'll leave work, work out while the kids are in the child-watch room at the gym, head out to Panera for dinner, and then head back for a family swim.


I'm with you - one shower a day, and not before a workout. Plus - two showers means two sets of underwear and that adds up to more laundry.


What is this 'work out' thing you talk of?


See, I have a totally similar dilemma... except for me in the winter I have a seriously dry scalp. No amount of Head and Shoulders or any such stuff fixes it. The only thing that somewhat helps is not washing my hair everyday. I have to go a full day with dirty hair every other day just so I don't look dirty with flakes all over my shoulders. It's a catch 22, really. Be dirty and look decent or be clean and look dirty. I think my head might explode.

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