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February 27, 2013


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You hit it.. Perfect. I'm actually going to quote you..the blessings statement. Thank you:) you're fantastic again.




Wow, as someone who's recently graduated university I'm already feeling these pressures! It's awful and I'm like you on worrying too much instead of enjoying ( although I'm working on it!)


100% agree


Totally agree, we are way too entitled and blessed beyond belief, we MUST have granite, etc. but on our worst day its way better than billions of people. Example, we were supplosed to get MAYBE an inch of snow this week, we got ELEVEN...that I watched fall from my warm house and then watched be shoveled from my sidewalks and drive. I have nothing to complain about.
Thanks for writing. You make me laugh and think.


I completely agree. I try not to think about it because when I do I begin to freak out. My wife left her job when our second child was born (it actually made financial sense at the time versus paying for daycare) and now the job market stinks so she likely couldn't get a decent full time job if she wanted to. (Especially not in her field.)

This means that the entire financial fortune of our family rests on my shoulders. My performance in my job could mean the difference between keeping our house or losing it.

I also try not to think about retirement as I'm not putting anything away. I know I should, but there's so little left after bills that we can't afford to take even more out of my paycheck.

Add in the stresses of trying to get the best education for your child when you feel like the entire school system is working against you and a house that seems like it constantly needs work done to it just to keep it from falling down and being an adult can really stink.

There are definitely times when I wish I could go back to the days when my biggest worry was whether my parents got my the toy that I've always wanted ever since I saw it on commercial ten minutes ago or whether I got home in time to watch my favorite show.


My daughter is twelve and like most twelve year olds wants to be independent and grown up. It's just the two of us and sometimes she tries to insist that we are equal partners rather than mother-daughter. Last night she pulled that and after explaining (again) the true nature of our relationship, I realized (again) how much it sucks to have it all rest on my shoulders. So I told her how hard it is to be a grown up and how, just like you said, there's no guidance once you graduate and no one to catch you if you fall so she should really stay a kid for as long as she possibly can and forget about wanting to grow up quickly. I hope she gets it.


I love John's philosophies. Pay the things you need to, pay down the things that you don't need to pay, and save anything left over. If only I could let my thinking be that easy.

It's funny - the stuff I would stress about in college is so, well, unimportant, now. I had a job interview the other day, and I was asked what I would picture my job being in five years. Now, I'm a pretty successful IT guy, and this is hardly my first ever job interview, so I should have been prepared for this - but it caught me off guard. And all I could think was "sure as hell not what I'm doing now," and then I was wondering if I would even be in IT in five years.

As far as the economy - well, I'm saving so little that it doesn't matter if things tank. So I'm all set :-)


I used to think growing up was hard...and then, on 11/30/2012, I retired for the second and final time. Now I find that the "hard" wasn't so hard after all and it was worth every bit of it to be where I am now! Hang in there and enjoy the ride!

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