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February 18, 2013


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Might be to big for her finger. Green beans no longer sound appealing.

Tara @ I'm Fit Possible

Stopping by your blog for the first time...through Twitter! I am looking forward to reading regularly! Cheers, Tara :)


Since parenthood, my wedding ring has been an adventure. After an infected small cut beneath the ring, I'm very careful to take off my ring any time I'm washing my hands - but, at night, there are times that I won't put it back on, leaving it on my bedside table. or, sometimes, I'll take it off when I'm in my man-cave/basement. And when I'm cooking, I always take it off. Most every time, I'm always able to find it with minimal looking.

However, several months ago, it went missing. When I was upstairs, I'd look in the regular places and then think it's downstairs. When I was downstairs, I'd think the same. After about two months, I gave up, went on eBay, and found a replacement ring.

The day the replacement ring came, Leila came wandering into the nursery, playing with the ring. We still have no idea where she found it, but she's turned into our "if it's lost, let her find it" person. Though, to be fair, she loses a fair bit of stuff all on her own.


Should have her go through the trash - she lost it.

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