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February 28, 2013


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Piano, if you don't love it, is a special kind of torture. I took lessons for 7 years. I'm incredibly talented apparently.

I hate it and refuse to play anything except Christmas carols and only with my right hand.


I was forced to take piano lessons for 12 years. My older brother was the gifted on in that department. Did my parents care? No. When they were trying to sell the old piano a couple years ago, I considered buying it for firewood.


she was still thinking about the riding lessons...she block out everything else out..


But she has to learn to ride that pony you're going to get her for the next birthday.


Ah the dreaded piano lesson.... if only I had persevered. Would love to be able to play now! But I can still ride a horse. Those lessons were so much more worth the money!

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