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January 11, 2013


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One Funny Motha

So true. Great advice.


I have a "friend" (quotes necessary) who loves playing online poker. I offered a poker night, just to see if I could get him out of his shell, just a little bit -- it was like I personally insulted him.

Some people . . . they're just violently not people persons.

I'm glad you're encouraging your kids to leave their comfort zone when it's necessary.


Read this today. I needed it..... “Courage is a self-inflicted quality that gains momentum every time you try it.” – Jeffrey Gitomer


Introverts≠violently not people persons

I will give the benefit of the doubt since both Kit and DaddyRunsALot seem to have good intentions behind their actions, but both seem to have extrovert perspectives that are unfair to someone who MAY be an introvert. Which is not to say that introverts don't sometimes need and enjoy human interaction, we do. We just don't enjoy for as many things to be social activities, as say an extrovert would. We especially don't appreciate people implying there's something wrong with us because we so often prefer to be alone. Or that there is a need to "exit our shell" because of our preferences. Or that we're violently not "people persons" because we enjoy solitary activities remaining solitary.

This could all be inapplicable to the people being written about, after all shyness≠introversion. But I do think it's applicable to the judgmental, if well-meaning, extroverted perspectives above.

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