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January 03, 2013


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You know I'm in -- 1000 miles on foot, 2500 on cycle (though I'm including spinning miles, and I'm not sure how I'm counting those miles, as I don't have a speedometer on my spinning cycle).

I love that you saw where the goal was going and said "I'm not letting this goal get away from me" and went out & shattered it.


I'm going for it. 5 miles by 5 days will total 1300 miles by the end of the year.

Ellen Kirkendall

That's a terrific accomplishment! My cycling goals are generally to get in a consistent 100 miles per week in good weather. In cold weather I sulk.


What app is that?


Oh, it looks very motivating. Pass me the coffee and another donut please.


It doesn't matter if you did it sooner or later - YOU DID IT! I'm so proud of you! AWESOME!

And yes, I'm joining you. I need to get off my butt.


Wow, good for you! I would love to join you but currently I can't even run 5k due to stupid IT band syndrome. And I'm supposed to run a marathon in May. Ugh.

But good for you! If I recover soon enough I will definitely join you! At least I can still bike though.


I wish I could do that..... I know so lame but in this moment it's how I am feeling and what I am thinking thinking. Living vicariously and wishing. . sheesh.

Congratulations!! You did it. . yes you did!!

Kristina Gregg

I'm in. 450 running miles - more than double last years total! ( I ran my first mile ever on May 21, 2012)


Awesome and inspiring work! I'm in for 500. I'm new to running and like a good challenge'


My options are crutches or wheelchair (but DAMN, my arms look amazing!)

Wonder if I could find an app to track how many miles I gimp on my crutches!

angela king

i was part of this last year with you and failed miserably. but i started back at it today and i hope to make it this year. thanks for the motivation!

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