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January 08, 2013


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The sad fact is that in almost every situation where you will need to protect yourself, help is too far/too long away. I've had neighbors tell me that they would call me if something was going on because law enforcement is too far away. (Urban, not rural community.) I agree that it is sad that we have to resort to protecting ourselves, but I also applaud that you are willing to protect yourself and your family.

Ride safe, lass.


Totally agree...Totally Shoot...I'm a Mom


More and more lately I've been wishing I had a gun in the house for protection. Being smart and responsible is what needs to be reinforced and you sound like a prime example for "you're doing it right". I know I would feel 1,000 x better in that situation.

Matt Conlon

Wow, that's scary! I'm so glad nothing happened..

Ironically, I posted a blog this morning "Gun control is being able to hit your target" expressing my frustration over all the "Gun Ban" arguments that are going on.

Interested commenter

Your whole plan was to sit there, armed and scared? Did you have an exit plan to get your kids out in the event of a firefight? Did they know what to do in that case? Were you certain that your kids would be confined someplace were they wouldn't accidentally be shot? Do they know what to do if an intruder enters the house? Did they know what to do if you'd been harmed? Also, why didn't you call 911 when you first thought a stranger was lurking outside your house? Sure, you were armed but, unless you left a lot of details out of this post, you don't sound totally prepared in case of a break in.


I have the hardest time even trying to place myself in your shoes in that circumstance. I'm so glad you never had occasion to actually fire -- but, yeah, in a situation where my family might be injured, I wouldn't hesitate about firing.


I live in the boonies, and after calling 911 when my son couldn't breathe from an asthma attack and the ambulance took 7 minutes to get here, I'm glad we gave guns and know how to use them. And to the snark posted above... People calling 911 every time they hear a noise is WHY it takes 20 minutes for the cops to get to a real emergency. And yes, I have a plan to keep my kids contained and out of the line of fire, and my older son knows to corral his much-younger sisters. I would absolutely kill a person that broke into my home while we were home. People who just want to steal your shit break in while you're gone. If you're home and someone breaks in, it's not your laptop they're after.


Agreed. Glad you were safe. I've been back and forth with the idea of getting a gun and my girlfriend just emailed to let me know she's selling the gun I was interested in. I'm considering it. For the same reason as you. I'm a mom.


No question, I would shoot anyone who broke into my home. I have promised my kids time and time again that I will never let anything happen to them, and I intend to keep that promise. It's obvious when we're home, so an intruder who breaks in while we're there is unlikely to be a burglar.


I live in an urban community and share a driveway with my neighbor (who also happens to be a good friend of mine long before she moved in next door and is in the Marines), I am in my mid 30's (single/childless); I keep my house alarm on, and a loaded gun and my car keys (with keyless entry clicker on it) on my nightstand...I also keep my bedroom door locked because in my concealed weapons class the instructor said that way it gives you a little extra time to realize someone is in your house and to put into action the plan I should have practiced a million times by now as to what I will do if that ever happens. The car clicker is so that if you hear someone trying to break in or even already in your house you can hit the panic button and that will set off the car alarm to alert your neighbors, MAYBE scare off the intruders, and let the cops know which house is yours in the dead of night.

I wanted the concealed carry class not so I could leave my house with it (although it is comforting to know I can if I am ever taking a roadtrip or camping or something) but so that I could be more informed and prepared and feel like I have some control if the situation ever presented itself. You are lucky to have a husband that knows about guns and has been in the military...you should have him teach you and have a plan of who shoots and who grabs the kids to hide. I think you are awesome and did the best you could in an uneasy situation.


I agree with the "Snark".If you where that scared you should have called the cops.The scariest part of this story is that a mom keeps a loaded gun in her home with little kids.And the whole gun control issue is about assault rifles not handguns.


I'd like to chime in with one more call to please call 911 in the future. It's the police department's job to come check on you if someone's prowling around and they can't do their job if you don't ask them to. Any police officer would tell you the same. Hopefully you never have to use that gun.


I thought the amusing part was you having a bulge in your pants instead of that being your husband.


Mrs. Whipple called every week when the garbage truck was picking up her trash. Berta called whenever her furniture was "floating" because "that damn Steve Mecham is pointing lasers at my house again!" Ruth called because she could hear her neighbor telling her to open her door through her radio speaker. Vonda called because of the invisible blood on her walls and people digging into her apartment through her floor. (Basement apartment - nobody below her.)

If you have a valid reason, certainly call the cops. If you see someone in your yard, if you hear someone trying to open your door, call the cops. But until they get there, be prepared to protect yourself and your family with whatever means you feel comfortable with.

If you don't feel comfortable with guns, don't resent someone else that does. If you feel that you are inadequate to take the responsibility to protect yourself/family with a guns, then don't.

Do not, ever, tell someone else they cannot or should not use a gun for that protection just because you disagree with it.

Kids in a house where guns are should be taught, at a young age, to respect guns and their capabilities. Both of my children were taught how to shoot before they were old enough to go to school. Both of my kids love to shoot. Neither of them is afraid of guns, and neither are their kids. Education goes a long way.

Kit, I think you were brave to open yourself to the blatant criticism of those who think differently than you, but I've read your blog from day one. This blog is exactly what you do: bare yourself to the world.

Slainte, lass. Well played.


A few years back, someone rang our doorbell at 2am. At first, we thought it was malfunctioning (it was a wireless doorbell that would sometimes ring on its own), but it turned out to be some kid in a hoodie on our front step. My wife scooped up our kid (whose room is right by our front door) and called 911. I armed myself with the best tool I had onhand: a hammer. I also made sure all entry points were locked (they were).

The guy eventually walked around our house, came back to the front, and spotted me peaking through the blinds. He started pounding on the window demanding to be let in. At that moment, I (someone who is extremely non-violent) realized that I should use the claw side of the hammer on the intruder's skull for maximum effect should he break through the window.

Thankfully, the police arrived then. It turns out it was just a drunk kid who was completely lost and thought he was at a friend's house. (He sobered up pretty quickly when faced with multiple large police dogs.)

As far as guns go, I wouldn't have one in my house but only because I have horrible aim and tend to be very clumsy. I couldn't trust myself to use one properly and I think anyone who has a gun should treat it not as a toy, but as a powerful weapon (which it is). Thankfully, many gun owners (such as yourself) do that, but sadly many do not. (People who wave loaded guns around while "playing" not only give good gun owners a bad name, but also put many people at risk.)


I grew up with guns. My parents have them. My mom shows her Doberman all over Texas and New Mexico and never leaves home without her gun. The standard joke is don't worry about the dog, worry about mama. I am a decent shot. Would allow my teen to learn to use a gun. However, i don't own one. Simple put, I'm not sure I could pull the trigger before hesitating. I certainly respect your right to own and use one. One thing I do (which some may find very silly) that offeres me reassurance is to close my eyes and imagine a safe circle surrounding my home and family. I have lived in the city of Chicago for about 25 years without incident so I like to believe it is working.


respect your post, and your rights to bear arms etc. I am from England and therefore not familiar with a gun culture. I did live in the States for 18 months, the people I lived with were not gun owners.

I am fiercely protective of my family and get the desire to want to kill anyone who came within harms reach of them. That said my ultimate fear would be that moment of hesitation before pulling the trigger whereby I open up the possibility of having the gun turned on myself by the more likelier stronger bigger attacker/intruder


Thank you for this post. My husband and I both own guns, have been through handgun safety classes, and have our conceal and carry licenses. I am only 4'9, and am well aware that I wouldn't stand a chance against an intruder. Having not only my gun, but the knowledge for safely carrying makes me feel 10 times more confident than knowing how to dial 911. It's really nice to have a honest perspective on this issue. Thanks, I'll definitely keep reading.


"Yes operator, my 8-year old son thought he saw something. Can you please come check it out?" If the police would come, it would take a lot longer than it would take someone to break into the house. But the police might just get there in time to arrest the robber/rapist/lunatic after some harm had been done.

Millions of people store guns responsibly with children in the house and also teach their kids the proper respect for guns. I fear my kids' friends who were never taught by their parents to respect guns.


I'm very grateful to live where the chances of someone breaking in, are far less than the chances of me shooting my husband who came home early. Yet, my kids wouldn't open a door to anyone. Not even me. If I had to sleep with a gun, I'd move. Yup.


Good for you! Do not EVER give up your protection to anyone (especially the government). Go with the Switzerland model - everyone is required to own a gun and get trained in its use at a young age.


I am with some of the other commenters/commentors, I would have called the police, ours have a non-emergency number or a neighbor and asked them to look around outside for me. And I would have been awake half the night too!


JG - FYI, Everyone is not required to own a gun in Switzerland. That is absurd. Do some fact checking before you post insane tidbits. The reality is that Switzerland operates with a true militia that requires men to be trained in military tactics, including gun use. The men are issued guns by the government, and since the men remain on a sort of standby duty until they are at least 30, they are requested to keep their weapons at home. This is a true militia, which is what our Constitution is referring to in the 2nd Amendment. Interestingly enough, they have a very low rate of crime committed with firearms, which speaks to the fact that America's problem with gun-related crime is more about the instability of our citizens and less about the actual guns.

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