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January 25, 2013


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For some reason, JSL (5 years old), is obsessed with kissing us on the mouth. He gets upset and doesn't understand why mommy and daddy can mouth-kiss each other but he can't. Then, he began trying to touch tongues. I wonder if I should be worried about what's going on in his class.


What was awesome, the kiss or the boo?


I thankfully do not have "the bus" issues yet or electronics issue really. My dd has leappad2, she called it WIFI...it is too cute to correct..I am not looking forward to the inappropriate stuff at all..


UGH The bus - hate it!!! Last year my 2nd grader found a piece of paper with swear words tucked in a seat (kindly left there by a high schooler) so he decided to write them as his spelling sentences. Thank goodness I checked them before he put them in his folder.

My hubby would have told our 10 yr old "fingering" meant picking your nose. Ya, that's how we roll - lie about it and turn topic in a different direction.


Yes, the bus. And all of school these days. My children come home saying unbelievable things and their reply always is "I heard it at school." It was that way when I was young -- but no google to do further research.


There a lot of levels of awesome in this post. Only not really. Kids never fail to amaze me...


Before I was a parent, a cousin of mine said she was considering home-schooling her children because she heard that someone had brought p-o-r-n on the bus (yes, she actually spelled it out). At the time, I was thinking that there is no avoiding it -- the trick is to keep ahead of what the kids learn from their friends, but not in a way that freaks them out.

But that was before I had kids.

Now I'm thinking that my kids don't ever, ever need to go to school. Ever.

If I had a cheering section asking for a french kiss, though, I'd have to oblige ;-)

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