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December 04, 2012


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I am so glad you are doing this and blogging about it. I have always wondered if those things really make you feel as good as they say. But I love my cheese like you love your diet coke...


I tend to agree, but reserve the right to change my opinion retrospectively when I get old.

(Assuming that I do, of course)


But if you do this you can add ten years to your life. Unfortunately, it's the last ten years when you're in adult diapers and drooling all the time.


It's nice to get some perspective that us red meat eaters, cheese lovers who don't follow gluten-free, carb-free lifestyles and like to have a cocktail or dessert once in a while are not the devil in this day and age. Everything in moderation I say...now if I could only learn to moderately have some wine or beer each night I would be in good shape.


Love the title. I'm also glad you're blogging about this detox as I've always wondered if I would feel any better for doing one. I have a Pepsi and cheese habit that would make grown men cry. I know I should quit or at least cut back but at 40 with a very healthy BMI I just don't want to (I may have just stomped my foot). Good luck!


Sounds awful. You're not a quitter, I admire that but sometime quitting is the right thing to do after you have tried. Your wasting precious time right now doing something that is clearly not right for you. Maybe you can push through this phase of the cleanse and realize at the end that it was worth it for the sense of accomplishment and pride you feel but if you don't see that as an end result. choose to Quit.
Either way...good luck.



The Borg Blog

Yeah, that's usually my feeling about it all. It is good to take care of yourself and not engage in destructive habits, but it is important to *live* your life, too, and enjoy it.


Kit - I do NOT understand how anyone follows these diets for more than a month. And, even for those short times, I don't understand how people follow them -- but with a goal-line in sight, I can see why people might.

There is far too much pleasure to be derived from food & drink to ever consider keeping "the good stuff" out of your life.


A friend of mine knows a real person called Will Power. No joke.


If you're looking for a way to frame the cleanse so you're happier, and maybe will feel better, you could think about the extra years you'll get with your kids, or how much more fun it is to look at a sky full of stars than eat a Snickers. I follow a pretty strict food plan myself, because I have a condition that makes that necessary, and I can tell you that I feel way better having been doing it for almost 18mo now. I don't know if I would've been able to stick with it if I didn't find out about this condition, but I'm enjoying the results for sure!

I can also tell you that the "Oh my God I feel awesome" part probably hasn't hit you yet. Detox on flour/sugar/caffeine/alcohol takes 30-45 days, so you're not through it yet. And if you're still having any flour/sugar products (even the non-white ones) you probably won't feel awesome, because you're not really detoxing, you're just abstaining from the kinds of those things you like best, so biology is against you. And that DOES suck!

Hope that helps!


I have thought that for a long time. I gave up smoking (under duress) but I really enjoyed it. I have somewhat changed my diet but refuse to go any further. If you can't enjoy life, what's the point?


The point is that you won't end up in a hospital bed fighting off some illness that resulted from bad lifestyle choices.

Quite frankly, I think things should be done in moderation, not overdone. Red wine is supposed to be good for heart health. Experts say that drinking a glass a day is not only okay, but actually good for you.

Too much sugar messes up your system, but I don't think that the occasional coffee ice cream or chocolate bar would be unhealthy.

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