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December 20, 2012


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Listening to our bodies is the best diet. I applaud your resolve. Honestly the Media can twist off. I have never seen a picture of you but I guarantee you are the hottest gorgeous you there can be!

Thunderous applause to DH for speaking up.

Good Luck!

The Borg Blog

Um. Yeah. The best option is to realize you are perfect the way that you are. And as we get older what is the "perfect" weight changes. There is no way I will EVER be the weight I was in my twenties again, and most folks think it would be unealthy for me if I was. Not that I was anorexic then.

You should stay healthy, of course, and you clearly are. Look how much you've run so far! Yay! Barrelling towards that goal! You should be proud of that, and not worry about the rest!!

In my humble opinion. ;)


I have always found that eating whole foods, often throughout the day, and in reasonable portions i am much better off. As a runner, when i'm running 5+ miles I just have to eat more. That's the bottom line. Beans, whole grains, and fruits are my best friends. Making sure I eat protein (i.e. lean meats or plan based proteins) with everything is good too.


Every time I diet, I lose weight and when I get where I'm comfortable...my body automatically goes to a certain number. I don't even have to change anything I'm eating. It's so frustrating.


Your discovery sounds like the best Christmas present you could give yourself.

Mel B

You are perfect the way YOU ARE! And now I'm going to ask if you have thought about talking to a dietician through your doctor? To see if there are foods that are lowering your metabolism or are working against you. I think they can figure that out for you. Just an idea.

I don't usually comment but I enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing!


I suspect that, based on many of your posts, your husband thinks you ARE perfect they way you are! Why mess with perfection?

Merry Christmas!

Rachel @ Reality Chick

After doing a 16-week 8kg weight loss plan and not losing anything (longest plateau of my life!) I am almost at the same stage .... The stage of going, does it really MATTER and is it worth all the deprivation and counting and flogging myself in the gym?!
This week, no, not at all. :-) Merry Xmas!


Restricting severely (to the point where you're hungry and miserable) is usually a recipe for weight regain, plus some. And over time, that plus some can really add up. I like that you've figured out how your body needs fuel - now listen to it and enjoy living in that miraculous machine!

BTW diet coke will likely backfire and make you gain, not lose, weight ... here's the scientific evidence against artificial sweeteners:


the weight loss path is not easy, and you may need to reach out for help from a support group or counselor, but the weight will come off.


But we think you're perfect just the way you are! Though I'd have been a bitch trying to do what you were doing.

I'll admit reservations in thinking about you & the detox diet. First off, while I've only met you once, and I know the truth of "looking in the mirror" and seeing something other than what anyone else sees better than most anyone else, I didn't think you had any weight to lose.

But, more importantly, you seem to be tremendously in-tune with your body -- you appear to be a reactionary eater (which is a good thing until you start eating to stave off stress, but that's a whole other story), you know your limits, you don't need alcohol, though knowing you don't need Diet Coke is a good thing to have in the back of your mind, knowing Diet Coke isn't hurting you ain't too shabby, either.

Me, I can't front-load, though I wish I could - I just don't get hungry enough in the morning, so when I attempt to front-load, I start messing with my sense of hunger, and that means I look to eat far earlier than I should.

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