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December 10, 2012


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I'm not surprised that you need to be reminded to be quiet :-)

Yeah, I listen to kid rustling & wonder "oh, dear god, what the heck do we sound like?"

I'm fairly confident that my kids have already walked in on us, on several occasions - so I'm not really sure how to even think of the birds & the bees conversation.


I'm dreading "the talk" because 1) I never quite had it myself (my mom avoided the topic at all costs & my dad's version of it was "let's watch Playboy channel together") & 2) I just know that my oldest will tell the youngest (who may not be ready for the whole truth) but will mistell it leading to premature talkage with my youngest. Cherishing the Talk-free time while it lasts.

Betsy Transatlantically

A few weeks after my sister learned how babies were made, she asked our dad if he and Mom had ever had sex. He answered, "Once or twice." haha!

The Borg Blog

A friend of mine actually gave upon the noise thing, and figured her kids should be used to it...

At one point, in the middle of the night, her son yelled at them across the hallway to keep it down...

Fun times!


As long as you have a lock on the door, they'll turn up the volume on the cartoons.


"Yes, that's how babies are made. In fact, that's exactly how _you_ were made. (pause for effect) You're welcome."

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