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November 14, 2012


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Andrea Badgley

Ha! I'm with you on the journaling - I only wrote when I was miserable. If my kids ever get their hands on my diaries, they are going to think I'm a much different - much more tortured - soul than they ever thought I was. Maybe I should put post-it note disclaimers in all of them.

I will have to think on this six word story.

Melanie Harth

When I feel myself, I'm home.


I don't like to share. Amen.

Daniel Fugate

Life begins with a good ending.

Linda K.

Do it, or don't. Who cares?


Thank you for being so brave.


She ended it with a kiss.

Andrea Badgley

Leaves rain down. Still, I rake.


My Army mom wears dad's rank.


Ha. I only journal when I'm red hot, raging mad :/

My story?

One year old. Clingy as f*ck.

It's based on real life events.


Statistics exam Tuesday. Never studying again!!!


Somebody strange, looking back at me.


Five more work days, then retirement!!


Drove to hospital, arrived too late.


I also only journal when I'm miserable.

A story in six words? Impossible.

She fell asleep alone but beloved.


I love 6 word stories. I also love 5 photo stories for any fellow shutterbugs.

My real life begins after work.

Heidi @ CarolinaDreamz

Believe in yourself every single day!

Heidi @ CarolinaDreamz

Say Thank you when given compliments.

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