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November 06, 2012


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That's funny. And I'm glad you can talk to your kids about anything. I'll never forget the time I asked my dad what a "blow job" meant....he was calm and explained it to me. But I have always felt comfortable asking questions and I hope my kids will be too.


That's too funny. My husband would flip if he only knew how I can talk while I'm driving and my daughter's in the car.

Synnove @ Don't Chew On The Dinner Table!

We're lucky, you see, because Grandpa taught the 3 year old to drop the F bomb before we could. Now HE gets all the blame....

Merrily Mary

That is awesome! I thinks it is great to let kids know what the bad words are. That way, when another kid says them at school (because there's no WAAAY my kid would ever say them), mine don't give a reaction. You know, the whole "ooooooooohhhhhh!!" thing.


I learned the F word in first grade, contextually on the playground; it obviously was an expression of anger at your own misfortune, such as when you miss the ball, stub your toe or have a trick played on you. So when I was riding with my mother and she was cut off in traffic, I implemented my new word's understanding with a sympathetic "Fuck," at her plight - which almost caused her to really crash the car.


I never swear. Well, almost never. My dearly departed husband cussed like a sailor. When Cole was about 7 he shared the F word with us when he dropped his Fork at the table and I immediately said to my husband between clinched teeth I told you not to swear in front of him (or something equally inane) my kid looked directly at me and said no mom you said Fuck yesterday in the car. I did not give him dessert for a week.
Kids hate it when you are smug, don't they? I wouldn't like Amy either!


I remember, in the early stages of dating my wife, being introduced to her little brother, 20 years younger, 3 at the time. He stepped on a pile of blocks and fell down.

"Fucking blocks," he responded.

I had to hand it to him - he used the word properly. What's funny is that, now, he's actually a huge proponent of never using profanity.


You did. hah

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