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November 16, 2012


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The Borg Blog

Aww.. you can still have fun with a little salt down there. I HOPE you will still have fun when you have a little salt down there... ;) I plan on reading this blog for years and years to come! :)


I got out of the shower the other day and noticed a gray chest hair. It wasn't just gray, it seemed to shine to call attention to itself as opposed to the million other hairs on me. (I'm part-Wookie.)

When I told my wife about it, she casually remarked that it matches on ones on my head. She's just smug because her gray hairs tend to blend into her red hair whereas mine stand out.

Annie B

I have a good friend whose mother passed away many years ago. I never got to meet her, but have heard many fabulous stories. One of the best: When she would visit her hairdresser for her monthly "touch-up" (never called it coloring - but only her hairdresser knew for sure) she would ask for a little extra of the mixture to take home...or, as she so succinctly put it, "a batch for the snatch to match."

Anon for this one

I am 31. I have several white ones down there and have for a couple of years. It's depressing, but then, I got my first gray hair at 8.


Well, uhm, I guess I never noticed. But maybe I will now...I feel like I am in that Bonnie Hunt movie where everyone is handed a mirror. Glad that is not possible. :-D. Happy the problem is solved. Sorry for your pain. Carry on.



Forget Clairol! You don't need chemical burns on the vajayjay. (DO you really want to explain that one in the ER?)

If you need a touch up, try this. =)



Started getting them last year, not even 30 yet. Wonder if this would work: http://www.justformen.com/products/facialcolor/


Had the same freak out a few years ago but decided I already spend waaaaay too much money colouring my hair to even begin considering another dye regimen... but, disconcerting regardless. You sound like you survived it well :)


Go back for the Brazillian look and don't worry about it.


As you well know, I've started shaving my head for a plethora of reasons . . . the thing that sucks is that I need to take two passes over my dome with a razor. The first, when I rinse out the razor, looks like you might imagine a razor would look like after a bout with a dark-haired main. The second . . . well, it's pure white. Those white hairs, simply, do NOT want to leave their connection with my body.

And I commonly leave my beard just a little bit longer than I'd like it, because if I keep things really neatly trimmed, the gray hairs show prominently.

As far as the manscaping, I've been dealing with grays there since my 20's . . . I like to tell Mr. Happy that they're just badges of honor.


This is a possibility I have never considered. I'm going to take lie down now.

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