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November 02, 2012


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Always an important lesson to reinforce and never moreso than after a major event. You win at parenting!


Sometimes guys just don't get it.. lol


Husband's just don't understand. ;-)


Consistency in the face of natural disaster and alternative chicken dishes...you're a marvel!

Jester Queen

Haha! Yeah, that was the right thing to do. And chicken patty on a bun tastes so much different than the nuggets. Totally different breading and everything. I actually prefer the nuggets, but I get that they aren't the same thing. At all.

One Funny Motha

That was good b/c I definitely would NOT be bringing them lunch.


I'm reading this thinking "but chicken patty and chicken nuggets are the same thing!" and then thinking about my own kids, how CJ needs to eat off my plate, even if he has the same food -- because it's "just different."

And that "just different" is enough.

Those kid idiosyncrasies do make for amusing anecdotes, though, don't they?

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