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November 26, 2012


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Just finished my 30 days :-) and the caffeine was by far the hardest part for me. But (as confessed online and to my support contacts) I was more about smaller real changes and didn't go stricyly by-the-book. As such, I also didn't lose 23 lbs - congrats to your coworker! And to you!


Good luck to you!


Simply, good luck - I've been considering a cleanse diet (but I can't do it between Thanksgiving & New Years -- between holiday parties and friends coming from out of town . . . well, I could do it, I guess, but I choose not to), but the caffeine withdrawal scares the hell out of me.

Maybe a February resolution . . . I find that January, at the gym, is brutal with all of the resolution-setters, but, toward the end of the month, it's back to normal . . . so a month of waking up, running on Monday/Wednesday/Friday (swimming on Tuesday/Thursday), lifting at the gym on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, long run on Saturday -- combine that with a month of eating clean . . . that will get me where I want to be for the summer :-)


And you're right - I can't picture you losing anywhere close to 25 pounds.

Jamie Jones

Good luck to you, lady! I can't wait to hear how it goes along the way!


Ugh. Quick weight loss like that is scary. I've lost 45 lbs this year, but it was from January-September. All through dietary changes. But I never counted calories. In fact, some days I KNEW I was taking in 3k calories (of course, I was breastfeeding, too, so that was part of it. I feel better than I ever have and I didn't have to worry about shakes.

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