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November 29, 2012


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Well, he didn't say it had to be one straight hour of "attention", did he? Maybe he meant 10 instances of 6 minutes of attention over just under 2 weeks.


the idea of one hour of "attention" scares the crap outta me and my lady bits. I had a friend tell me that everytime she and her husband have alone time it's AT LEAST two hours long. I repel at the thought. I honestly thought I would lose my woman card for having such a reaction.


Or perhaps 60 days at a minute apiece?
Something called KY Lotion - reduces friction tremendously.


An hour? Holy mother of OUCH. NO thanks.

That said, buy yourself one (or more) of these: http://www.lushusa.com/Massage-Bars/massage-bars,en_US,sc.html They smell amazing, can be used as regular moisturizer on dry skin, and they make the sexy time oh so much easier on the Bits. No more friction equals a much more tolerant me.

Otherwise, I'm with you. Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby, OH, snuggle, snooze.

The Borg Blog

Hee hee. Again, the joys of being a dyke. An hour is just pure pleasure for us! ;) No worries of too much friction. Natural lube. It's all good!


Back in the day, a "quickie" was thirty minutes. Then it was an hour on average. And now ... its ... zerrrrooo. for him. Poor guy's spring was winding down. Of course, since I'm calling the shots now, he can join me and the silver egg, and we only take 2 minutes set on max.

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