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November 30, 2012


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Lucy Ball

Something about the words "Deep Cleanse" make me think of prison and a bar of soap. Hang in there.


Nice supportive hubby, he just wants to help.


Oh my gods, the 'snacks' took a long time to ...um...appreciate. Sending good thoughts!!


OMG! Why do most men make comments in that direction!?! I mention a headache, he says he's got a cure for that. I have an upset stomach, he's got a cure for that. I'm tired, he has a cure for that. I hate my life and have no purpose, he's got the cure! To them, that is the cure for EVERYTHING! Testo-Pigs! ;-)


Haha Rolling! I love the ass..er vanilla shake situation! Been there too many times lol!

The Redneck Princess


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