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November 07, 2012


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Wow - I cannot believe you turned out so lucky. If I had heard a loud noise like that, I'd have been inconsolable until I had an explanation -- but "a book" would have been fine.

Very, very happy to hear that you're dealing with minimal headache over what could have been a horrible, horrible situation.


Ours is out in the garage, and just flooded everything out there when it went out. Basements, ouch.


Yeah, it could have been SO much worse. You could live in lower Manhattan! ;)


Good for you for not turning off your Intuition! Glad you were quickly able to solve the problem and move on!


I started reading this expecting to eventually get to the part where you GET LUCKY. Not what I expected but you're right - this is a bullet dodged!

The Borg Blog

It is all about attitude! Good job keeping a positive one! You are right - it could have been so much worse! You were lucky!!


You are so lucky. That's the good thing about getting woken up in the middle of the night and trusting your instincts. So glad all is well.

Krystle Wainscott

What a great way to look at the situation! Thank you for the reminder to be grateful :) very glad that it didn't ruin anything!


One week later your words have come back to me in a way that can only be luck. Saturday night I heard our radiant floor heat making a funny noise in our master bath. I asked hubby to humor me and check out the pipes in the basement. (after telling him about your story) he went down and sure enough the valve was leaking and when he went to tighten it the valve flew off and water came gushing. He shut off the main asap and it was very minor. We are lucky that it only heats our upstairs bathrooms so the only down point is that we have no heat in those rooms. So I took some of your luck and can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I will return it soon.

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