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November 20, 2012


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I'll never understand that passive-aggressiveness from a stranger (or, really, from a friend, though I've gotten a bit used to it from certain people in my life).

I really, really hope you were able to let it go before too long -- it's something that would have had me thinking back on the incident all day long.


Something similar happened to me once. I was totally oblivious to my "rudeness" and when I finally realized that the aggressor was talking about me, I turned around and pretended to be deaf. AND when they were trying to get their head out of their rear end, I fessed up with "Don't worry I'm not deaf, I just wanted to see the look on your face when you were realizing what a d-bag you are, MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

Might not have been the most mature thing, but it was the nicest "black-Friday-don't-make-me-cut-you" thing that I was capable of!


@HSciar - what a great story!

@Kit - A very Happy Thanksgiving wish to you and your family. I am most thankful that somewhere in the past couple of years, I stumbled across Blogging dangerously!

The Borg Blog

Um... Your last sentence wasn't entirely accurate.. You could have "chose" to have ignored her - thus embracing the 1% ;)

But I do know that is much easier said than done. If she wanted to choose to be miserable, that was her choice, but I wouldn't have let me be miserable. I'm sorry she was so annoying. :/ But think back to all those wonderful moments you've had in New York with the kindness of strangers, and choose to be happy for those experiences, and let this 1% go... :)

And yeah, what Ken above said, except substitute the word "months" for "years"... I *love* your blog!!

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