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November 27, 2012


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Forget the door, the real trouble starts at the seat. Close the lid, gents!

Tyler H Jolley

1) Start with the fart fan on and leave it on. 2) Courtesy flush 3) Febreeze 4) Announce to everyone, "Dont' go in there." It's called etiquette people.


Keep door closed with fan running. Close lid.


In our house if the door is closed it means someone is in there. But fan running, spray used, best that can be done.


When I was growing up, my Dad would always light a match after a "toxic" episode. That smell of sulfur was an announcement to all as they got closer to the bathroom. And when the sulfur smell was gone, it was safe to enter!


Bathroom light off, door closed, fan on means "bathroom not-occupied but proceed with caution."


Flush often. Use the fan. Light a candle. Air freshner--crucial if you are having a party. Your guests will thank you.

jen @ keekoin

CLose the door and open the window inside the bathroom. House Rules!!!!


Get a bottle of Poo-pouri. You add a few drops to the bowl before the toxic event and after, if necessary. Saves everyone!


Turn the fan on and leave the door *mostly* closed - as in contacting the frame. Spray.

And no courtesy flushes. Do you really want to bathe your nethers in the spray that comes out of a toilet?

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