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October 22, 2012


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I'm confused (and a little slow...) is there really a pillow called a husband? or were you just fast on your feet. I have never heard of such a thing but I live under a mushroom so don't mind me.....


I'm pretty sure its available on amazon....then again, what isn't?


i always had a husband pillow (yes Katybeth they're realy called that!) on my bed! my parents have two, then i got one when i went to college. it's wonderful. i've been looking for a pure white one to go with my current color scheme, though, and have failed...never thought to go on Amazon!


These are also great when you are way pregnant and want to breath while you sleep. Finally, a "husband" that makes carrying a child easier!


I had a black one at one point ... 'cept I called him "my big black boyfriend..." not my husband. I love that you call him a "more suitable" marital equivalent. (May the socially liberal gods strike me down now for comparing a boyfriend to a husband).

Jester Queen

Haha! The first time my husband explained what a husband was, I was astounded at the sexism. And then he laughed his head off because I was one of THOSE feminists.


I've never even heard of a husband pillow before. Or, if I have, then I've just seen it, but didn't know that's what it was called. Hm... If she loves to read before bed, that would be a great present! Lord knows, I could've used one in my pre-teen and teenage years. Psh, I could still use one. :D


I had a husband pillow when I was little and loved it. I have a real husband now and he's alright. Ha.

And here we think arranged marriage is a bad thing?


So, was this what some of you were thinking?

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