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September 06, 2012


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Lisa @ Floating Along...

Awww I totally would have done the same :) And it pretty much justifies the OCD, right?!


How great is it that he knew in his heart that you had his back!!!! Not too many kids think that nowadays. OCD? Please that was just great parenting with a hint of "oh shit I don't want my kid to be upset" thrown in.

Katherine Stone

Awww. That's an awesome story. I would have done the exact same thing. ;-)


He probably felt so releaved to see it all there. What a great mom you are. I would have done the same thing!


Hah, he knew.


All of my kids teachers didn't send lists home until the first day....except my 2nd graders teacher. He never brought one home and he said that the teacher didn't need anything. Since I know my child, I didn't believe him and emailed the teacher to double check. I never got a reply from her so figured all was good, until I talked to my friend who's son is also in 2nd grade and she said they were posted in the classroom. Seriously?!?! Send it home! I felt so bad that he didn't take any supplies, but I found out what he needed and took it to him.


On her...webpage? That everyone is magically supposed to know about? Um, a little help here. Kthxbai.


well, that settles it then.
I definitely do NOT have OCD.
Although, I do think a small dose of it couldn't hurt someone like me either.

Loco YaYa

gah. i had my list and STILL did not get everything on it. way to use the OCD in order to make your little man feel good!!

proper usage is what counts here me thinks.


Ohhhh, that is SO beautiful! X


I would have done the same thing . . . nothing wrong with little (or a lot) OCD.

Jester Queen

The trust your son expressed proved it wasn't OCD. It was maternal instinct. He DID need it. You weren't ANAL, you were RIGHT


That was such a sweet story and says a lot about the trust your kiddos have in you :) And yeah it totally justifies the OCD!!!!

Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity

LOL Cute!


Fuck, I think this anecdote just kickstarted my previously non-existent OCD.

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