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September 10, 2012


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Ugh, the Ugly Scream. I've been there. Far too often if I'm being honest. Sadly, my kids definitely seem to remember screamy mom more than supermom. Every day is a chance to change that though, right?

And kudos to you for being so active with kids sports. It's all we can do over here to make it to ballet on time!


We used to have Pam From Up The Street. She had a sweet redheaded boy and an adorable little blonde girl. She expressed every feeling in a shreiking, throat-wounding bellow that we could hear 4 houses down. It was crazy, we were amazed. Then I turned 14. And suddenly, we couldn't hear Pam anymore...over our own opinion-expressing. Or maybe we'd scared her, and she was hiding behind the couch with her children, huddling to protect them from the terrible sounds emanating from Those People Down The Road.


Too funny and so true! I wonder if there's a focus group for screamy moms?
Keep up the good blogging!


We call it Ogre Mommy. She shows up most often around 530 during the summer and Sunday afternoon during the school year...or in the car when shuttling to activities. This is my first year attempting travel to activities for all 4. I've got a post in draft about the insanity of it. I prefer our afternoon mass playdates. No contest.


Fantastic post, especially the ending! I like to think that I can ride both sides of the fence, too.

PS Do you shop at my Stop and Shop? Because it is TOTALLY un-navigable right now and I yearn for it to be over!

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