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September 05, 2012


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Those lobster look absolutely delicious. I'd totally be putting out. Gawd, I'm such a foodie whore.

I can't help it, and it's completely noisey, but I'm curious....is the broken lamp related to the nocturnal doings? Because I remember this one time, we got a little too close to the night-stand and, well....I'm fine now. Didn't even need stitches. ;)


It all starts with the hip rub. It's it funny how just a little bit of interaction can lead to more. Now, how do I keep the kids out of the bedroom at night? Because that's the major impediment.

And on the taco front, did you make the shells from scratch? I've been contemplating making my own tortillas, but I've heard that the payoff (the extra quality you'd have from making your own) is nowhere near the effort -- kind of like ketchup - there's a reason people brag about making their own tomato sauce, but nobody talks about how they make their own ketchup . . . you might be able to do better than Heinz, but the level of effort isn't worth the price of a squeeze bottle.

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