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September 28, 2012


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You are certainly a very nice lady!


Love this. Positive energy creates positive results!

Lisa @ Floating Along...

Awesome! I couldn't agree more. Life is much more enjoyable when you focus on the good and create happiness!


Amen, Sistah...Amen.


Needed to read this today...thanks :)

Lady R

Great post... AND great reminder! Thank you for passing it on.

Pay it forward... also a great concept!


What a wonderful post...I know I am going to have a GREAT weekend!! Hope you do to!!


I am going to keep coming here for the blog equivalent of a lucky handshake - I love your positivity, and hope to roll around here until I acquire some! :D


Great reminder for us all!


Great day! Love it. Half full, half empty, choose to be nice just because you are, cannot adjut the wind but can adjust the sail. Have a super Saturday.


I will remember this next time I am out having a great day!

Fiona (@nlpmum)

Fab post and what a wise bellhop!

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