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September 25, 2012


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She has great taste :) And now I want to see both the hot guys

D HArza

the apple does not fall from the tree


Super cute


that is very funny!!!


My daughter would have made that scene so awkward by actually walking up to the hot dad and asking if he was "Creepy Tommy" because she has no filter and is the farthest description from shy. So cute how kids pick up on certain stories/things we tell them.


Awwww! And she has Mommy's good taste, too...you have trained your little Padawan well! :D


Haha precious!


Kid crushes are fun. NHL had a crush on a classmate of his 2 years ago. Merely saying her name would make him blush and duck under the nearest table.

Nowadays, his big crush is Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter movies. (He's seen the first three.) He was so excited when, for his birthday, he got a Lego Harry Potter set that included Hermione.

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