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October 01, 2012


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Lady Estrogen

Just had a visual of that Hulk-style throw of a naked man across the room and it was awesome.


Great stuff...perfect read for a rainy Monday morning with a cup of java...spewing outta my nose and down my clean white shirt. It's ok, it was worth it.


I think your first resolve should be to get a lock on your bedroom door. And use it. The kids can stand outside and knock, they'll live.


Might wanna soundproof the door while you're at it...you shouldn't be quieter, they should be deafer! :)


We live in an apartment, and I kid you not, I can hear my neighbors pee. I dream of the day we have a house and the only people we'll have to worry about waking up are the kids.

Clara Brotherton

My son's room is at the other end of our apartment, and once he's asleep, he's really asleep. Except fr the one night he got up and clogged the toilet. Our one bathroom is closer to our room than his room. I'm not sure exactly how much he heard, but I am not particularly quiet, and about 2 minutes after I was done, we hear "Mom, dad? The toilet's clogged."

Oh well, at least he doesn't walk into our room.


hahaha!! there's a reason i sleep with my bedroom door locked. Mostly cuz the huz sleeps in the nude..but some nights well.. ya just don't wanna be interrupted.

Also? i'm glad i'm not the only parent that has to *hold her breath* for not wanting to wake the house. lol! In the voice of River Song: "I'm quite the screamer" (dr who reference)

thanks for the laughs ;)


hahaha! I too have to remind myself to be a little quieter next time. and the next time. and the next time.


good read. :)


The last time I was that loud, I wasn't so lucky. My 5yo mimicked my moans perfectly when demonstrating what exactly she heard that got her out of bed.

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