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August 01, 2012


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Simply, I love it.

Heck, the Olympics that you're watching is on a tape-delay, anyway, why not just delay things just a bit.

Sounds like you had a good degree of difficulty, with minimal deductions (but, let's face it, there will always be a few deductions granted . . . just so that there's room to claim that the next time is even better)

D HArza

Kit gets the Gold Medal!!!!


Ha, ha, ha!! Look at you giving it up for the gold! Love it!
Bet you wish you were watching The Olympics in the style we are at my house! ;);)


LOL Too funny! At least you won, twice!


Lol, I should have known I was going to get something else (a story) beyond the real Olympics. You rock (wait that was weird...but you get it. I suppose.)

Go Team Kit!


who says you can't have your cake AND eat it, too! Rock on lady


and for the record, i think it's hysterical my security captua code i had to type to prove i'm not a bot was "improper out loud"


This made me laugh and smile. You get a gold for that.


Awesome post. I love your blog, both in terms of style of writing and the topics. You've helped me get through some really tough days in the past year. Thank you for still finding time to blog! Much love from the olympic city.

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