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August 31, 2012


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D HArza

Happy Belated Bday...

Account Deleted

Belated b'day wishes!


Always love to read your entries but this has got to be at the top of my list. I may start reflecting on my birthday as well. Thank you!


From where I stand, your marriage is wonderful.
Not sure if talking more will help, actually!;)
Happy Birthday, MB!


Happy Birthday! I don't do the New Year thing either; also do it on my birthday - December 31!! :-) The fact that you found time to spend time camping in the rain with the family means to me that you should stop beating yourself up about finding time to spend with your family. Have a wonderful year; I know I have because Blogging Dangerously has been a part of it!


Happy birthday! I love your honest reflections.


Happy Belated Birthday!!


Happy Birthday!

I know what you mean about kids, family, and time constraints. There is a lot of mommy guilt out there and no matter where you put your time, someone will say you are doing it wrong. Hang in there.

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