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August 22, 2012


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Oh, that sometimes would have retrieved quite the evil eye from me, but I'm so guilty of telling the same story over & over again that I don't think I'd have batted an eyelash at your son's comment.

Your husband, though -- well, let's just say that I hope he wasn't feeling well.

The Borg Blog

Oh, I was hoping by the morning there would have been a different ending to the start with your husband. So often, with you two, there is...


To my husband...I would have said..."Doubtful."
To my son...I would have said..."Good luck figuring out where you're going to sleep tonight."
To my daughter...I would have said...."When you feel I'm not the best...punch yourself in the face."



lol @ "sometimes" ... guess that's better than never.




Sounds like my houseā€¦..

Matt Conlon

Haha Sometimes... Gotta love family... (Pope says so!)

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