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August 24, 2012


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The Borg Blog

Hysterical!! I can't even pick a favorite among them - they're all great!

Mrs. MidAtlantic

I send Laura to bed because I am cranky ALL.THE.TIME. That one is my favorite. Also, "Do you want to watch Dora or read a book? You want a book? Ok, here's Dora."


I tell my son that it's his job to carry up the groceries because I'm the one who bought them and I'm the one who is going to put them away, he can carry them up our stairs for me.

My mom used the same lines on me, back in the day, only she made me put them away too.


Ahahaha! My mom would never let me wear red fingernail polish as a kid. She said red is for whores. Then when I was 17 she started getting her nails done, and they were red til the day she died 8 yrs later! Ahahahaha.

One Funny Motha

Loved the first one especially. And I see no problems what-so-ever with # 9.

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