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July 17, 2012


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sending you some kickass wishes to land that deal.


You'll do fine!! Try to relax and just know your material inside/out. YOU aren't the type to fail. Its a done deal. Prayers.


Good luck!! Happy thoughts!!


Good luck! You're going to rock!


Two plungers.....Plan A and Plan B maybe? Considering the nature of a job that requires a plunger, better two than one or worse yet, none!


Much much good luck!


Good luck...though you don't need it. You've got this in the bag!!!


At least you have two, whenever I need one the one we have is always missing.

Anyway - happy thoughts coming your way!!!!

Jane M

Good Luck - sure wish I knew what it is that you do!

And regarding the plungers...my husband can't LIVE without his. Thankfully we only own 1 - to me, plungers just look so ugly.

Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity

One is for the sink/bathtub/shower and the other is for the toilet. NO ONE wants to use a shitty plunger in the sink, do they?

I wish you luck with your presentation. Is the proper thing to say "break a leg" or "get them to sign a big check"? I can never tell anymore in this ever-changing PC world of ours...


Trusting that All your Hard Work will Pay off Royally!

Lucy Ball

Funny! I thought I was the only one who took pictures of bathrooms. Good luck and hang in there. ;-)


Thinking good thoughts for you! Best of luck and keep us posted!


Good luck, and no, you do not want to know what two plungers are needed for. And don't ask me how I know.

A.T.H. Webber

Initialising good-vibes transfer in 5....4...3...2...


Clearly they were having a BOGO sale on plungers and who can resist free stuff?

Good luck tomorrow! I know you'll rock the presentation - you're prepared, you're focused, you're not frustrated, you're committed - you'll make it happen.

Looking forward to celebrating!

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