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July 31, 2012


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Miss you too, Kit! Hang in there and don't let the .2 discourage you. {{{HUGS}}}


We're standing at the finish line cheering you through. GO KIT!


Hmm, you should be able to crawl that .2 over the next month (but hope you don't have to)


You can do this. We'll still be here.


We miss you too! See ya at the finish line - YOU can dob this!


Absolutely missing you but totally can relate to the .2 - and thanks for the reminder that only a moron quits with that much left to go! I'll get through mine if you'll get through yours... Keep going Kit. Your husband and kids are proud of you x


I know how you feel. For a second just look back at what you have achieved since you have started working on this project. Now all you have left to do is put a star on your christmas tree. You will do brilliant! Lots of love form the Olympic city.


And we miss you, Kit.

But we understand.

As someone who has been through the whole process a time or two, yeah, that .2 -- when you're done and you reach it, you just want to curl up & finish.

But, sometimes, when the crowd is there, well, it's a pretty great feeling when you sprint that last .2. Heck, the Gettysburg marathon kicked my ass, but the 26 mile mark was at the end of a straightaway . . . you made a left for the last little bit, and the street was lined with people.

With the crowd cheering you on, well, sometimes, you don't even realize that your feet are moving during the .2

(what I think I'm trying to say is that, if you need a cheering section to get through this pile of bunk, please, feel free to bitch/whine/complain about the previous 26 here -- we'll get you to the finish line . . . and, if you can't share that here (something I know all too well, as well), just know that we'll be waiting at the finish line. Whenever you get there.

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