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July 25, 2012


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This is a poetic piece of the complexities of bedtime in a relationship. For the most part I and probably she always wonder if sleepy time may lead up to sex. I like the honesty of both parties here. Just wanting to snuggle and "go away". Hmmmmm, honesty.... I may have to try that sometime.

Lady Estrogen

Heh. Love it.

Every time I try to spoon him, he sighs heavily and moans, "I know what you're doing & it's not gonna work."

Jeni Kramer - Thumbsucker Blues

This is a familiar scene. Oh, the politics of marital nookie!


No one ever says "are you awake" and only wants to spoon, Kit. Nice work. A+


I'm not in a marital relationship but I do have a couple of "special friends" that I share naughty time with. (Not at the same time, of course!) Things have been a little dry for the last month, though, because I've been sick with a nasty cough, and the Hades-like temps here in the Midwest (108 today), and a weeks worth of lady fun...just not feelin' it. But last night one of my "friends" stopped by to encourage me....and BAM! I"m BAAAACK! Gotta love the drop in naughty fun visit.


/huge smile

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