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July 13, 2012


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Beautiful post that speaks from the heart! I love it.


I am raising two girls and worry about instilling confidence in them. I love your approach and I love even more that you are giving her the tools she needs to build her own confidence. Because that's the real secret, its not enough to be told those things, you have to believe them about yourself.


Everday I say to my son, "I Love you, I'm proud or you, and you're good at____________" I pick something he did well that day.
I alos get him to evaluate his own performance. An example is we were practicing letters ( he's 5) after we are done i as "which one is the best" and follow with "why" he is learning to recognize how to improve and at the same time is proud of his won performance with letter.


Hats off to you dear! Girls need lessons like this. Keep up the great parenting!


I *live* for that look of confidence! When my daughter looks at me like that, I feel so happy for her. That maybe she'll grow up with more confidence than I did.

She's lucky to have you for a mom!

Matt Conlon

That's a pretty excellent plan. I may need to take that tactic myself... I'll totally give you credit.

Krystle Wainscott

What an amazing post! Thank you for this wonderful perspective! :)


And now I'm all goose bumply. Thanks!


I call my daughter Bella as well, because she's beautiful :)

Then Twilight ruined it :(


We struggle with this too. NHL is extremely smart but he tends to not think he can do things. Homework can become an hour long scream-fest (on his side) with him shouting how it's too hard and he doesn't know how to. When he actually stops screaming and starts working on his homework, though, he inevitably burns through it rapidly and declares it was easy.

I've told him that he's never to say "I can't" because he can once he sets his mind to it. I just wish he'd believe in himself the way I believe in him.

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