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July 12, 2012


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Love this! Made me laugh out loud this morning. Thanks!


Oh God, I stay at home and that conversation makes me want to stab her. Ugh.


I think I just stabbed her with my mind.

I know being a stay at home mom is hard work . . . but, well, if going to the beach is possible, that's a pretty damn good fringe benefit.

Good Enough

Thank you! Yes, working moms get to solve different problems during the day than SAHMs. But we still have to solve all those household issues when we get home, or between meetings, or late at night after everyone goes to bed. SAHMs should enjoy the lifestyle choice they made. If I were rich, I'd cut my hours way back. But for now, get out of the way. Working moms have sh*t to do.


We're spending as much time as possible at the beach and pool this summer (thank you super flexy hourly job), but nobody told me I was supposed to get a weekend boat! Where do I sign up for the boat?


We live in Annapolis Maryland, so that is pretty much every woman I meet here. You've finally found my solution...

Valentina@crib bedding

In Midwest America the IT thing is the Country Club, while the rest of us, mortals, were partying in each other's backyards :D


Thank gawd! I hope you didn't get any blood on you.

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