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July 19, 2012


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hysterical. totally sharing this one - hope you don't mind, i refer to you as my bestie when i share your stories...my neighbors wonder why they've never met you bc they think we've been friends for ages!


I love that Donna thinks of you as a bestie. It warms the cockles of my heart (to the extent that Borgs have hearts, but that's a whole different thing).

I admit one of the reasons I fell in love with your blog is that you *COULD* be my best friend. Some of the stories you tell remind me of things she's gone through, and the only reason, frankly, that I know you're not (besides geography, etc.) is that I was with her during the period of some of your stories, so she couldn't be you (unless you deceptively changed the time frame!!).

But otherwise much of what you share is so universal in the human experience. Yet told with such a wonderful voice. Keep it up!


Master of manipulation.

I do this all the time!




I think I just peed myself...alittle. :-)

Stacy L. London

Next time I'm in the hot seat in my personal life I'm definitely going to try this just for giggles.

Lynda @ Hit The Road Jane

LMAO I know someone at work like this!!


See, if I were in the coaching situation, I'd then head to "so we should probably let you go," and chuckle to myself when the guy said "of course you should," and then try to feel better about myself when I realize that I just kind of walked him into firing himself.

And, dear god, do I get handsy when I'm all liquored up.


Can't believe his wife didn't laugh. She's clearly no fun.

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