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June 04, 2012


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My S.O. is currently playing video games. I think this is a perfect time to do my homework. Thanks, teacher! ;-)


I tried it tonight and the response was: Are you coming onto me? Hahah...


are you kidding me, i could just say, "honey, i..." he'd hear, "boobies" and have me on the kitchen counter before I knew what hit me! in fact, that happened last night, true story.


if you already do it beware, you may end up with a hubby with the ego the size of mine lol!!! He has a head the size of a moose lol!!


Did that last night ... it worked out VERY well. Will do it again tonight, just to double check


Whenever I tell my wife how neautiful and sexy she is, she denies that she is. It's one of my big goals in life to get her to realize just how sexy she is by any means necessary.


Of course, that should have read "I tell my wife how beautiful and sexy she is". My phone has a nasty habit of changing letters on me. (The curse of small keypad and big fingers.)

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