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June 21, 2012


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Are you kidding me? The BEST sex is when you have to stifle the sounds! It's fantastically exciting.


Yup. I'm a screamer. I *can* be quiet (I have roommates after all) but it's so much better to let loose!

However, when I'm alone I'm silent. Guess I'm just not as good as my boy :P


Sometimes I'm a screamer. It depends on the day and the orgasm on how loud I am, but there is almost always some noise. But, if I'm by myself I am quiet.

Jen @ Making Messes

I think quiet sex is for pansies.


I am rhinocerous loud.


I am so loud my neighbors had to call the medic.


Only when I'm safely alone with my husband but it is kind of fun when you have to be quiet and sneaky when the kids are around. We don't really have that problem anymore, our 'kids' are now gone, 2o and 23,happily off to college and law school!


my wife can be quite loud. It's always entertaining when she starts to think she's being too loud and tries to quiet it.

upstairs neighbors were having sex once about the same time as we were about to start and it was hilarious hearing the guy say "she's so much louder than you"


We gave up on quiet because sneaky wasn't working and subtle wasn't getting the message across. We finally ended up telling them bluntly what they were interrupting. Worked pretty much the first time! Stop knocking on the door during "private time," boys, or I will be obliged to remind you exactly what is going on behind it. If it embarrasses you, then stay the hell downstairs with unlimited "Mythbusters" episodes until we come down, like we told you. And no, we are not embarrassed anymore, it's what loving parents do. Frankly you had better be happy that your mom and I like it, because you owe your existence to that fact.

Gotta say, involving the respiratory tract improves the intensity quite a bit over trying to be all hush-hush.

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