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June 14, 2012


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D HArza

you will always be smart and sexy no matter your table skills


Uhm...we are primates. Revel in it and rock that blouse while waving a banana!

Mary Beth

Hot mess!


@mary beth - wish i had said that!! :-)


From a man's perspective, they probably won't notice the stains. If they do they won't care!


They will be sporting the Banana!


Yes, because I'd notice a stain on a garment that "accentuates your positives." Of course.

If I noticed, at all, I'd probably wonder what the random brown pattern was on your blouse.

I can't tell you the number of times I've come home from a long day -- usually one where I have lunch with my wife & kids (who get their grubby hands all over me, staining the heck out of my shirt), come home after band practice and undress in the dark (completely forgetting the stains), then, some random Monday, where I dress in the dark before 5, put on the stained-to-hell shirt . . . and my first thing, each Monday, is a video conference, followed by a series of meetings with the higher-ups at my company.

I'm special :-)

Sarcasm Goddess

I hear primate is the new sexy. Sometimes it's hard to be a trendsetter. At first you just look like a slob, but then it totally catches on.

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