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May 01, 2012


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reasonable...I would be a little scared myself...horror movies always has a house as it setting...


Haha I don't tell anyone when my husband's not home either. I think it's smart. I also won't let him rush outside to check things out when the power cuts out. A murderer could race in the house at that moment just like he planned when he flicked the switches in our meterbox...now I'm scared...


I am exactly the same way. I think it has to do with being in charge of maintaining the entire house...it all falls to you. No back up. Not that the damn dogs help....


This cracks me up -- you're, seriously, one of the most confident women that I know . . . so the thought that you'd be wigged out by being home alone makes me chuckle.

But, well, I kind of do the same thing, too . . . there's a real unease whenever I'm home, overnight, by myself. It's not "scared," far from it . . . just that something doesn't feel right, and because of that, I never sleep well.


oh my - i feel the same way. i have no problem talking about sex but i never tell people when my husband is away - that's TMI in my opinion! And i never sleep well - i always end up wide awake thinking of all the possible ways i could get both kids out of the house or into my room, out onto the roof, barricade the door if need be...all by myself...crazy, i know but it is what it is! (i'll say it for you...over-active imagination much?!!?)


I've slept with a chair tucked in under the door knob before, you know so the will alert me of his entrance. You should try some Home Alone esque booby trapping.


This made me giggle. I have fond memories of staying at a friends house while we were on vacation and she would booby trap all the doors every night before we went to bed. She used the loudest toddler toys they had (she has 2 boys, so there were plenty of fire trucks). Her husband was deployed so she had similar feelings about safety. Funny thing is, she has been in the Marines for quite a while herself (I'm thinking at least 15 years) and I know she's tough. But even sleeping with a gun under her pillow, and having myself (also a Marine) and my husband staying with her, it just wasn't the same without her husband being there.

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Iam scared alone

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